The Unloved Woman (1949)

The Unloved Woman (Spanish: La Malquerida) is a 1949 Mexican drama film directed by Emilio Fernández and starring Dolores del Río and Pedro Armendáriz. It is based on the 1913 play of the same title by Jacinto Benavente. The work had already been adapted several times, including the 1940 Spanish film The Unloved Woman.

In the ranch of El Soto lives Raymunda (Dolores del Río) and her daughter, Acacia (Columba Domínguez). After she is widowed, Raymunda marries Esteban (Pedro Armendáriz). What Raymunda does not suspect is that a deep passion has arisen between Acacia and Esteban. The misfortune is that the men who approach Acacia have a tragic end, and because of this, they begin to call her "La Malquerida" ("The Unloved").

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