Winter Visitor

Winter VIsitor (Visitante de Invierno) (2008) is an Argentine, Spanish film, written and directed by Sergio Esquenazi. It is probably the most important Argentine horror film of the last 30 years, since it was the first Argentine horror film in two decades to be supported by INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts) and therefore the first Argentine horror film to premiere in the country in 20 years, which opened the doors to directors and producers of the genre which up to that time were condemned to an under circuit.

A 20 years old Ariel Lambert, after a suicide attempt, is sent with her mother to a small summer town in the state of Buenos Aires. Ariel arrives in winter, a time of the year in which the village is almost deserted. From his room and with the help of a telescope, Ariel witness a man taking children into his house, children that will not ever come out again. Ariel tries to call the police, but given his precarious mental state, they will not take him seriously. Determined to prove what he saw is true, he set forth in search for the evidence required to prove that what he saw is not only part of his imagination but a horrible truth.

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