Beach Basketball

Beach Basketball is a modified version of basketball, played on beaches. It was invented in the United States by Philip Bryant.

Beach basketball is played in a circular court with no backboard on the goal and no out-of-bounds rule, with the ball movement to be done via passes or 2½ steps, as dribbling is next to impossible on sand. Beach basketball has become a very popular, widespread competitive sport. Fifteen Annual World Championships have been organized.

In Germany beach basketball, or "Beachbasketball" as it is written in German, is played in a way that is similar to basketball. The beach court is smaller than a standard basketball court and without lines. Over the year, several tournaments are held, ending in the German championship which is organized by the German basketball federation. Within this tournaments various beach basketball teams play against each other.

Rules for the sport are:

  • A beach basketball team has three players plus a maximum of two players to change.
  • The court consists of a sand surface in the range of about 12–15 m, and two opposing basketball baskets and backboard, which are situated on the short sides of the pitch. Basically, there are no out lines.
  • A game lasts ten minutes, divided into two halves to five minutes. At halftime, the sides are changed.
  • In a tournament team mentioned first at the beginning of the first half is in the possession of the ball. The second mentioned team has the ball in the second halftime.
  • If the ball falls in the sand, the player first touches the ball may take the ball and continue unhindered.
  • In an indecisive outcome of the game there will be a shoot-out. Each player has a free throw.

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