Ghosts Can't Do It

Ghosts Can't Do It is a 1989 American romantic crime fantasy comedy film written and directed by John Derek, and starring Bo Derek and Anthony Quinn.

The film was shot in 1989 and released on home video the same year in Australia. In the United States, the film received a theatrical release in 1990. It received negative reviews from critics, and won the 1990 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture, tying with The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

In a cameo, it features current US president Donald Trump. He received a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor. He, along with Leo Damian, were also nominated for the Worst New Star category, but both were lost to Sofia Coppola in the hit crime film The Godfather Part III.

Scott and Kate are happily married, despite their 30-year age difference. After Scott suffers a heart attack and is unable to have sexual intercourse, he commits suicide and becomes a ghost that only Kate can see and speak with. To make it possible for Scott to return as a human, they conjure up a plan to have a young man drown, so that Scott can take his body.

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