Good Luck, Seeker

The Soul Singer

(You've Got To) Kiss a Frog or Two

Low Down in the Broom

Dennis Hopper

Freak Street

Sticky Fingers

Why Should I Love You?

The Golden Work

My Wanderings in the Weary Land

Postcard from the Celtic Dreamtime

Good Luck, Seeker

Beauty in Repetition


The Land of Sunset

The Soul Singer (instrumental)

(You've Got To) Kiss a Frog or Two (instrumental)

Low Down in the Broom (guitar and vocal only)

Dennis Hopper (demo)

Why Should I Love You? (instrumental)

My Wanderings in the Weary Land (vocal only)

Postcard from the Celtic Dreamtime (instrumental)

Beauty in Repetition (instrumental)

The Soul Singer (demo)

The Land of Sunset (instrumental)

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