How to Appear Busy While Using a Computer

For people in school, at work or doing some "homework" using a computer on a daily/hourly basis, this article explains how you can look productive while not actually doing anything or just procrastinating without letting on anyone. If you have the inclination to look busy, but be doing nothing work-related, read on from step number one below.


1. If you have a scheduled assignment, keep it in the taskbar and prepare to fast-click to it at a second's notice. Alt-tab can also be useful here.

2. Intersperse work with downtime by working for a few moments followed by IMing, Facebooking, Googling, or whatever it is you feel like doing. This way you can relax and do your job, albeit slowly, at the same time.

3. Write an article on something you know about. It looks like work, and takes a good amount of typing to do. It's a perfect cover, but won't impressed your boss if you're being paid to do tasks.

4. If you're at home with a laptop then try sitting with your back to a wall. That way no one can see what you're doing. Do a lot of typing that looks productive.

5. Make sure that even if you aren't doing much work, have something that looks like work open, such as an end of quarter PowerPoint or something of the sort.

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