in or into a higher position or level. from beneath the ground or water to the surface. from below the horizon. UPSTREAM sense 1. in or into an upright position. upward from the ground or surface. so as to expose a particular surface. with greater intensity. in or into a better or more advanced state. at an end. in or into a state of greater intensity or excitement. to or at a greater speed, rate, or amount. in a continual sequence: in continuance from a point or to a point. into existence, evidence, prominence, or prevalence. into operation or practical form. into consideration or attention. into possession or custody. ENTIRELY, COMPLETELY. used as an intensifier. in or into storage: BY. so as to arrive or approach. in a direction conventionally the opposite of down: to windward - NORTHWARD - to or at the top - to or at the rear of a theatrical stage. in or into parts. to a stop —usually used with draw, bring, fetch, or pull. for each side. risen above the horizon. STANDING. being out of bed. relatively high. being in a raised position: LIFTED. being in a state of completion: CONSTRUCTED, BUILT. having the face upward. mounted on a horse. grown above a surface. moving, inclining, or directed upward. bound in a direction regarded as up. marked by agitation, excitement, or activity. positive or upbeat in mood or demeanor. being above a former or normal level (as of quantity or intensity). exerting enough power (as for operation). READY. going on: taking place. risen from a lower position. being at the same level or point. well informed: ABREAST. being on schedule. being ahead of one's opponent. presented for or undergoing consideration. being the one whose turn it is. used as a function word to indicate motion to or toward or situation at a higher point of. up into or in the. in a direction regarded as being toward or near the upper end or part of. toward or near a point closer to the source or beginning of. in the direction opposite to. one in a high or advantageous position. an upward slope. a period or state of prosperity or success. UPPER entry 3. a fundamental quark that has an electric charge of +2/3 and that is one of the constituents of a nucleon. to rise from a lying or sitting position. to move upward: ASCEND. used with and and another verb to indicate that the action of the following verb was either surprisingly or abruptly initiated. RAISE, LIFT. to advance to a higher level: INCREASE - PROMOTE sense 1a. RAISE sense 8d. Upper Peninsula (of Michigan).